There is already a ski app for Apple Watch.

There is already a ski app for Apple Watch.


There is already a ski app for Apple Watch.


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The hottest tech toy of the moment is the soon to be released Apple Watch. The watch will start at $349 for the Sport but goes all the way up to a whooping $17K for the fancy gold one. The watch will debut on April 24 in the U.S. and Apple has announced that the first wave of apps will include Slopes, a $7.99 ski app.

Here is more on this latest Ski App from Ski.Curbed

Slopes is a ski-tracking app that measures vertical drop, speed, and distance and has earned some early buzz from being vocal about its planned support for Apple Watch. We don’t have first-hand experience with the app, but the ability to see live stats and pause the trackingwithout digging around for our phones does seem appealing. To our knowledge, it’s the only ski tracking app that has publicized its intentto be ready when the Apple Watch hits wrists across the globe, but there are a number of larger, better-known ski tracking apps that could hustle to be ready by late April. At that point, the ski season will be wrapping up here in North America, but we assume that anyone who drops $10,000 on Jony Ive’s special gold doesn’t mind doing some field testing in Portillo. Ski.Curbed

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