10 Best Ski Towns in America | According to Forbes

10 Best Ski Towns in America | According to Forbes


10 Best Ski Towns in America | According to Forbes



Forbes brings us a look at their picks for the Top 10 ski towns in American. 

“For many travelers, a big part of the ski vacation experience is the charm of a topnotch ski town. Surprisingly, there are many popular and large ski resorts that lack an actual town, especially in the East but also across the Rockies, Midwest, Canada and West Coast. Some have little other than skiing to offer, while others have slopeside resort villages, large or small, in lieu of a real community. In contrast, the quintessential ski town is its own entity, where people live year round, and these typically predate the ski resort. There has been mechanized skiing in Jackson, WY for almost 80 years, but a century before that, the area was settled by trappers and has always been inseparable from cowboy and ranch culture. Many top Rocky Mountain ski towns like Park City, Telluride, Breckenridge and Aspen were built on mining, not powder or boutiques, and retain some of their Wild West atmosphere to this day. It’s said that the Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge, which has been open for 130 years, defied Prohibition simply by virtue of the mining town’s rough and tumble reputation, openly challenging authorities to come and take their chances trying to close it. Telluride, now home to some of skiing’s priciest luxury real estate, likewise retains its outlaw charms, and is famously known as the place where Butch Cassidy robbed his very first bank – legend has it the town’s very name is a contraction of the daunting “To Hell You Ride.” You just can’t find that kind of spirit in a brand new manufactured ski resort village.”

10 Best Ski Towns in America

According to Forbes

Telluride, CO

Park City, UT

Steamboat Springs, CO

Jackson Hole, WY

Aspen, Colorado

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Breckenridge, CO

Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID

Stowe, VT

Durango, CO

Read a full run down of each town here – 10 Best Ski Towns in America

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