San Gabriels Declared National Monument

San Gabriels Declared National Monument


San Gabriels Declared National Monument


5801005238_ac3dbea141_bPhoto by: Rennett Stowe

President Obama will invoke his executive power today to designate the San Gabriel Mountains a national monument. The San Gabriel Mountains are located between Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert. Its close proximity to LA  (within 90 minutes of 17 million Californians) means the area draws millions of visitors annually.  

San Gabriel Mountains new status as a national monument will mean that endangered species such as the California condor, the spotted owl, and Nelson’s bighorn sheep will be safeguarded. The land also provides more than a third of L.A. County’s water. The Washington Post reports that the San Gabriel River, which springs from the range, consistently violates regional water quality standards due to large volumes of diapers, plastic bags, and garbage.

This marks the 13th time President Obama has created or expanded a monument under Teddy Roosevelt’s Antiquities Act.

6081483506_16728c3a79_bPhoto by: Rennett Stowe

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