Plans for new $60 million ski centre in Paris

Plans for new $60 million ski centre in Paris


Plans for new $60 million ski centre in Paris



Plans are afoot for a new €50 million ($66m) indoor ski complex in a Paris suburb.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, Dutch company Snowworld plans to build the new centre with 22,000 square metres of piste and slopes as long as 320 metres. The centre will be sightly larger than new centre that is under construction in London.

The centre, planned for a 230-metre, man-made hill that already exists at Elancourt, in the department of Yvelines to the west of the city, will also have a chairlift, toboggan slopes, a restaurant and a three-star hotel.

Local Mayor Jean-Michel Fourgous has given his backing to the plans, but some question the project citing that Parisians can reach the French Alps, including major resorts such as Tignes and Val d’Isère, by train in about six hours. A former mayor of nearby town said: “What is the interest in skiing in a tin? The real people who have the money to go this ski dome can simply go to real ski resorts within a few hours of the capital by TGV.”

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