13-Year-Old Girl Climbs Everest

13-Year-Old Girl Climbs Everest


13-Year-Old Girl Climbs Everest



Malavath Purna, 13, has become the youngest female to climb the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. The young india girl, from the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, accomplished the feat on Sunday morning. Malavath was accompanied by Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar, 16, also of India.

The duo were selected among about 150 children who were initially chosen for adventure sports as part of the society’s initiative to promote excellence in the students of the society.

Twenty of them were sent to a prestigious mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling for training and nine among them were sent on expedition to Indo-China border earlier.

The two students with a higher degree of toughness and endurance were sent to the Everest Expedition in April.

The two students were now returning to the base camp.

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