Julia Mancuso, JT Holmes & Friends Endorse Squaw Valley Expansion

Julia Mancuso, JT Holmes & Friends Endorse Squaw Valley Expansion


Julia Mancuso, JT Holmes & Friends Endorse Squaw Valley Expansion


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Things are heating up over KSL Capitals expansion plans for Squaw Valley, CA. Many long time locals have stood united against KSL’s expansion plans but now a small number of Squaw Valley athletes and locals have made a public announcement  in support of the project. 

Our Turn: Squaw’s true character, leadership – a positive impact on community

“Over the past three years, we have all witnessed a great number of changes here at Squaw Valley. The ownership and leadership of Squaw Valley ski area not only brought forth much needed capital investment to improve the mountain experience, they also brought about the acquisition of Alpine Meadows, something people have talked about for decades. With that, we now can ski and ride over 6,000 acres of skiing on one pass.

In addition to substantial improvements to the mountain experience, the leadership at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has been extremely active in the community, leading efforts to improve the transportation system for the region and have ignited and are leading efforts to improve our region’s recycling, composting and other environmental sustainability efforts.

The letter goes on to say,

In October 2013, Andy Wirth wrote an op-ed in the local newspaper titled “Voices will be heard on Squaw project.” Clearly, he was listening, and now we have a viable, logical and thoughtful redevelopment plan for the base of the ski area.

The soul and character of Squaw Valley are primarily comprised of the people that live, work and visit here. We feel the leadership of the mountain is focused on the improvement of the mountain and that now, the redevelopment plans are very much in keeping with the soul and spirit of Squaw Valley. They continue to invest in the mountain experience and efforts on important issues such as environmental sustainability and area mass transit. They lead based on their values and their strategic vision.

While we understand that Squaw Valley Holdings and KSL are businesses that strive to grow and profit from their endeavors we feel fortunate that people like Andy Wirth, with integrity and a love for the mountains, are guiding this process.

We interact and work with this team regularly and look forward to seeing them unlock the full potential of Squaw Valley. We have the utmost faith that they will execute the plan gracefully and make Squaw an even more magical place.


Jonny Moseley, Julia Mancuso, JT Holmes, Travis Ganong, Roy Tuscany, Galen Gifford, Matt Reardon, Nick Daniels, Foreste Peterson, Deborah Dutton, and Kendal Naughton.”

You can read the letter in it’s entirety @ tahoedailytribune.com


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