5 All-time Classic Ski Films You Need To Watch

5 All-time Classic Ski Films You Need To Watch


5 All-time Classic Ski Films You Need To Watch


#5.The Last of the Ski Bums

“An all-time classic and quite possibly Dick Barrymore’s best film. The film is about three ski-bums (Run Funk, Mike Zuetell and Ed Ricks) that are followed by another ski bum (Dick Barrymore),with a 16mm Bolex camera, who filmed a four-month part of their nomadic and vanishing-breed way of life across four continents. These are four people doing every day what others work fifty weeks of the year to buy for two weeks. They were also becoming a vanishing breed who were becoming unwelcome from Aspen to Val d’Isere.” – Written by Les Adams


#4. Hot Dog…The Movie

“Naive corn-pone skiing wunderkind picks up beautiful hitchhiking bimbo on way to ski competition. Once at the ski competition he is taunted in the daytime and laid at night, by different people. Four letter words, stoopid ethnic stereotypes (the Asian skiier’s dancing looks like martial arts, of course) and skinny naked women with badly dated hairstyles abound. Not worth seeing except on cable — the nudity is the big selling point and if you’re not embarrassed to rent a movie with this title, you might as well go a little further and rent something honestly labeled as smut, instead of off-and-on nudity masquerading as “comedy.” – Written by Britain P. Woodman

#3.There’s Something About McConkey

“Ten years ago, a young renegade ski racer (Shane McConkey) quit his collegiate team to pursue a career in the small, unglamorous world of freeskiing. Through the 90s, McConkey battled the odds and the establishment as he put “fun” back in skiing. With an unprecedented manner of attacking mountains and a committed effort to appear ridiculous, McConkey opened the doors to a new way of thinking. And as attention to his feats and antics blossomed, so did the sport around him. We’ve teamed up with the raddest skiers of today with the past decade’s most influential skier and biggest idiot. So sit back for wacky, whirlwind tour through a man, a mind and a sport. You may never look at skiing the same way again.” – Written by MSP Films 

#2. Blizzard of Ahhhs

“A rockumentary style look at the known and unknown heroes of skiing. This is definitely not akin to the ski films of today. There is no high-definition filmed content, there are no filler cinematographic shots and there is very little in the way of tricks to be seen. What does it have then? It has something which the ski films of today strive too hard for, rawness. Not necessarily soul but rawness. One gets to see the falls, the sloppy landings and at times poor technique throughout the film, something which surprised me. That said it’s important to also note that technology has come a long way and I can only imagine how difficult some pro riders would find skiing 50° chutes with skis that resemble pencils a little too much.” – Written by skifilmreviews.com

#1. G.N.A.R.

“This is the intro/disclaimer into one of the most original, entertaining, and truly thought-provoking ski films I’ve seen in a very long time. At first glance, it would seem to be the intro for the next installment in the “American Pie” series, featuring purely sophomoric humor centered around genitalia and feces.  This could not be further from the truth.

While GNAR does happen to feature an abundance of man-ass, and a plethora of profane and offensive verbage, this film, produced by brothers Robb and Scott Gaffney as a tribute to longtime friend and skiing legend Shane McConkey, is more about the soul of skiing than anything else.” – Written by skiers and snowboarders anonymous

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