Powder Alert - North Cascades

Powder Alert - North Cascades


Powder Alert - North Cascades


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EPIC alerts were hoisted this morning across the Tetons where 12-16 inches of blower fell fromJackson to Targhee. Only cat in the mix was WIND (rolls, and compaction).     Colorado caught good orographics from the very cold air and NW flow (Vail has at least 9-11 inches from snow cams).   What really caught us off guard was Little Cottonwood Canyon (Alta, Snowbird) where 8-11 inches fell purely from cold air aloft.  The moisture was limited so the lesson learned “Cold air, NW flow overrunning warm air can find you deep sneak up powder days in certain areas. We missed it


Dont expect 1-2 feet!  More likely to be 12-14 inches in the next 48 hours. What we  like is very cold air late Wednesday, Convergence Zones, and most snowfall holds off until PM.. Therefore, late Wednesday (2PM-4PM) and early Thursday will offer the goods from Stevens Pass, resorts along I-90, Alpental, and Mount Baker.  Convergence is less likely over Baker however NW flow and a northerly track will likely bring decent totals by late Wednesday night.  Whistler will also have more snow on Wednesday afternoon as well as Baker versus Thursday.. Crystal is borderline (3-6) with convergence less likely.  We are chasing for borderline amounts of 8-12 inches by Thursday afternoon.  Some spots near Stevens will continue to see light snowfall into Thursday evening.

Quick look for next week? 

Next weeks models show a decent storm likely for the Northwest (Tuesday -Wednesday-timeframe) migrating into the southern rockies by Thursday (San Juan’s) The trends look good for moisture to ramp up over the Sierra and perhaps the northern Rockies towards the end of the month (next weekend).


Enjoy the powder and please donate if you have not already helped us out!  We need to keep the powder dreams alive.


Powderchaser Steve


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