4 More Swiss Avalanche Deaths

4 More Swiss Avalanche Deaths


4 More Swiss Avalanche Deaths



Four more people have died due to avalanches in Switzerland bringing the nations avalanche death toll this season to 11.

On Sunday a mountain guide and two clients were killed and another person remains in serious condition after they were hit by an avalanche in the Mase-Val d’Hérens region in the Valais.

According to the local police the group had climbed the Pointe de Masserey and were descending on skis. 26 people and 5 helicopters were involved in the search and rescue operation.

In a separate earlier on Sunday a man died in the ski resort of Nendaz, near to Verbier.

Reports are coming in that numerous other avalanches have been triggered off piste in Switzerland.

The danger level is 3, on a scale of 5, and in some areas it is 4.

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