Video: World's Largest Natural Skate Park

Video: World's Largest Natural Skate Park


Video: World's Largest Natural Skate Park


“When we think of rock we usually think of stones, broken rocks, buried under soil and plant life, but here all is exposed and naked.” -Edward Abbey

An international team of Loaded Ambassadors embark on a spiritual quest through the Utah Desert.

With sage advice from longtime slickrock slider Rolf Hanson, Loaded riders, Ethan Cochard (Texas), Laurent Perigault (France), Mauritz Armfelt (Sweden) and Max Watson (Oregon) pack their boards and set out into the blinding sun to find a skatepark birthed by Mother Nature. Filmed by Spanish director and professional butt-boarder Alberto Alepuz, Denizens of the Petrified Dunes is a short skateboard movie shot entirely off-road in Moab Utah.

The stony terrain of the canyon lands reveals some of the most astonishing varieties of shapes on earth. Seemingly impossible towers and domes, walls and buttresses, bridges and bowls, ledges and pools, quarter-pipes and even the perfect snake line. This is the land of scientific horrors, landscapes from other worlds, places Captain Kirk would battle and then bed an alien.

Over time, with every step, a change in perspective, in perception, in possible. Receptors firing, the abstract became familiar, tangible, fun, and everything is skateable.


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