Top 3 Weirdest Snowboard Inventions Ever Patented

Top 3 Weirdest Snowboard Inventions Ever Patented


Top 3 Weirdest Snowboard Inventions Ever Patented


#3. Sailboard for snow and ice: 1984


The device comprises a base (1) in the form of a ski on which a sailboard rigging (2) is articulated. The base, which has a length of approximately 240 cm and a width of approximately 35 cm, is spatula shaped and arched. On its lower face (7) it comprises a central longitudinal rib (9) which is flat at the ends and angular towards the middle of the base over a length of approximately 70 cm. The angular portion of the rib is reinforced by a metallic flange.


#2. Two-handled snow scooter: 2005

two handled snowboard see pdf

An apparatus is attachable to a conventional snowboard to convert the snowboard into a snow scooter having improved performance characteristics in comparison to those of the snowboard alone. The apparatus includes two handles assemblies attached to the front and rear portions of the snowboard and including respectively front and rear pole-like handles fixed to and extending upwardly from the snowboard during riding of the scooter.


#1Hangboards: 2006

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 9.39.28 PM

A winter recreation device, used for sliding downhill on a snow covered surface, on which the rider is suspended above the snowy surface, either in a generally horizontal position – face up or face down – or in a reclined position, thereby providing the rider with a unique experience or sensation. The winter recreation device comprises a slide member having a top and a low friction bottom adapted for sliding on the snow covered surface, a support connected to the top of the slide member and extending upward away from the slide member, and a harness suspended from the support, wherein the support and harness are adapted to suspend a user of the apparatus above the snowy surface.



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