Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina


Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina



Update by, Willi Brooks and Daniel Haber

August 28, 2013

Las Leñas had been expecting a dump this past weekend but the storm totally no showed.  We’re now going on day 15 with no new snow.

To make matters worse, highs of 45 degrees Fahrenheit at 11,000 feet are baking everything.  The already thin base is rapidly disappearing down low.  Today’s run in The Labyrinth had us walking on dirt for the last 300 feet to the road. No bueno.


Leñas terrain is so great that every run has still been unbelievable.  We’ve been spending our time getting techie in 2,000 foot couloirs with ski length wide 50 degree chokes like The Banana, Chamonix, and Go or No Go (which didn’t go).  Snow in these high elevation shots is still great chalk when South facing but pretty crusty on all other aspects.

Higher still, on Cerro Yeseras, elev. 13,300 feet, the line Adrenalina skied nicely with buttery snow and funpow, a leg burner at 6,000 feet of vert.

No sign of The Santa Rosa coming any time soon. Maybe it was the 8 footer of two weeks ago?




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