Skiing in Snowboard Boots? Introducing FATblades (No, This is Not a Joke)

Skiing in Snowboard Boots? Introducing FATblades (No, This is Not a Joke)


Skiing in Snowboard Boots? Introducing FATblades (No, This is Not a Joke)


A British skier has designed new skis to be used with snowboard boots. Here is more on this new product from it’s kickstarter page.  “Exclusively available to purchase only on Kickstarter.. FATblades – A new and exciting way to enjoy a recreational snow sport holiday!”

So far, FATblades has 61 backers who have pledged £7,837 ($12286.06 USD) on their kickstarter page. 



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Dare to be different! Fatblades give the rider a new and exciting way to descend all types of mountain terrain. The short but wide blades are fitted with snowboard bindings meaning you can wear comfortable snowboard boots and clothing. While getting to the slopes, they are easy to carry, short and light, no struggling with a heavy 5ft board or awkward, cumbersome and heavy 5ft Skis.

The shoulder wide stance you adopt while riding your Fatblades is bold and agressive but is very similar to a the normal human standing and walking stance which makes the riding position very natural and easy to learn.

You will also have no end of people asking you about your Fatblades, everybody wants to know what it’s like to ride short, light, fun blades while wearing comfortable snowboard clothes and boots.


Tricks, turns, twists and pirouettes are very easy to learn and riding backwards and forwards with equal confidence is achieved in relitively short time-scales. Carving turns are quick and easy to make, giving a shorter response. This means steep, difficult downhill sections can be navigated without traversing as far across the piste.


Did I mention that they are light, short and easy to carry? Did I also mention that you ride them wearing snowboard boots? Which, for the uninitiated, are FAR more comfortable than ski-boots.

Easy to transport

I know what you’re thinking! There’s a common theme developing here. But I can’t stress it enough they are short, light and easy to carry. And you’ll be wearing snowboard boots which are light, comfortable and easy to walk in!

Fit in luggage

It’s easy to fit your Fatblades, boots and all necessary clothing into one 15kg bag. Which means that even if you’re travelling with the meanest of airline carriers, you won’t pay extra sports equipment charges and you won’t need to run around the airport for half an hour looking for the outsize luggage pick-up and drop-off points.

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