Char Poles | New Customizable Ski Poles

Char Poles | New Customizable Ski Poles


Char Poles | New Customizable Ski Poles


Char Poles is a new company that allows you to build your own customizable ski poles. Find out more out


One of the smartest things a student entrepreneur can do is find a business idea in an area where they have domain expertise, be it related to their major, a hobby, or even a sport. In the case of Alex Carr, a student at the University of Utah, he has chosen the later. Alex has combined his expertise as a skier with his interest in business to create Char Poles. Alex said, “As a company we are implementing the first real innovation to the ski pole in decades, and our goal is to spread this innovation throughout the skiing and action-sports community.”

The word Char, which means four in Farsi, represents the four main features of these unique ski poles: universal camera mounts, built-in industry standard tools, bottle openers, and a compartmental design that allows for thousands of product variations and customization. –

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