New Nonprofit Helps Children of Avalanche Victims

New Nonprofit Helps Children of Avalanche Victims


New Nonprofit Helps Children of Avalanche Victims


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The International Avalanche Nest-Egg (IAN) is a non-profit fund designed to support the children and families of avalanche victims, as well as provide educational and preventative services aimed at reducing avalanche fatalities worldwide.


History of the fund:

Three days before Madelyn’s father, Ian, died, he told me that he wanted to start a non-profit to benefit the children of avalanche victims. This statement was said out of the blue and without further discussion. This foreshadowing idea is both highly disturbing and intensely motivating. The IAN fund is meant for all of the children who find themselves in the situation that Madelyn finds herself in.  The money raised is designed to alleviate the stress surrounding a loved one’s death, in whatever form is best suited for a particular child and family.  This was the idea and desire of Ian Lamphere, Madelyn’s father and the love of my life.

The site ( is already receiving donations.

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