Ok, these French guys are F#$king Nuts! There is truly no way any other nation of people is an insane as the French.  Just no way.

Extreme slack-lining to fall to biggest rope swing ever created…yeah, that sounds like a quality plan!

The dropping backflips off the cliff with two ropes attached to them and then into the rope swing are kinda entertaining.

My favorite is the guy who hits the ridiculous ropeswing with a BASE jumping rig on and does a backflip.  After watching it you realize that the guy was holding on JUST WITH HIS HANDS! How strong and mentally demented are these guys?

The hard-core french hip-hop/hard rock music certainly doesn’t hurt the overall vibe.

This was filmed in the Gorges du Verdon in France. Have you ever been to France?  If not, go now, the Alps are beyond comprehension right down to the Mediterranean.  Learn more about the Grand Canyon of the Verdon and how impressive it is here:  Gorges de Verdon.

There has gotta be more stuff out there like this video.  Please lemme know if you find anything.

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