Cliff Collapse Caught On Video

Cliff Collapse Caught On Video


Cliff Collapse Caught On Video


Cliff Collapse Caught On Video In The Normandy Region Of France

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Tourists and locals alike in the Normandy region of France are being warned to watch where they step after an estimated onto the sand.30,000 tons of rock came crashing down

The cliff collapse occurred last week near the city of Le Havre on France’s northern coast. The cliff had been cordoned off last Monday after the mayor of nearby Saint-Jouin-Bruneval issued a warning that the cliff was unstable, according to English-language French newspaper, The Local.

One beachgoer who continued to brave the area caught the landslide on video and sent it to France’s BFMTV channel.

The video shows a loud rumble before the first sign of the collapse, dirt falling down. The entire front-facing section of the cliff then comes tumbling down in a plume of smoke as onlookers can be seen trying to run away.

There were no reports of injuries in the collapse.

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