Everest Fight: The Sherpas Viewpoint

Everest Fight: The Sherpas Viewpoint


Everest Fight: The Sherpas Viewpoint


alanarnette.com has compiled information on the fight that happened this week on Everest between climbers and sherpas. In this blog post you get to hear more of the Sherpas viewpoint.  

Everest 2013: The Sherpas Viewpoint

Life goes on at Everest with a few climbers spending the night at Camp 3 on their final rotation before pushing for the summit bid. Many are at Camp 2 or back at EBC preparing for their turn up high.

Remember that we will not see the majority of Western summits until mid May so teams are still focused on acclimatization.

But the fight on the Lhotse Face has had an impact.

Tim Ripple, Peak Freaks, made this comment:

What has gone on up on the mountain yesterday has lowered moral here at EBC. Mountains have no place for egos, you see it time and time again, eventually a price is paid.

Melissa Arnot, cited by Simone Moro as helping defuse the fight made this post on her blog today:

I cannot recount the events of this past week on Everest, nor do I want to. I understand that people want to hear the story and know the details, but, honestly, the details are sad and they are in the past. They cannot be changed. Everyone will have their version of what happened and why it happened. I, too, have my own version. I came here to climb Mt. Everest. I came here for the challenge, adventure and type of friendship that has become a mark of this place for me. On this expedition, I have had some of the best times of my life, laughing into the late hours with friends who were supporting each other’s goals. I have had some of the worst times — standing in front of those same friends to protect them from unexplainable violence and anger.  Something shifted the balance for a moment. My only hope is that it shifts back quickly, and everyone can resume their jobs, their passion and their goal of climbing. I am resting now, both my body and my mind, in hopes that I can resume the reason I came here. I am thankful for the good moments that have occurred this year. I am sad for the events of the last week. I am hopeful that the adventure ahead will be one of collaboration, support and rebuilding the relationship of trust between everyone who has chosen to be here.

I have seen reports of 35 westerns leaving the South side. That would be about 10% of the climbers who arrived at EBC earlier this month.

It would be a stretch to connect their departures to the “fight” as many climbers get to Everest, see the Icefall and have immediate second thoughts. That said, it is likely that anyone looking for support to quit would have found it from the conflict up high.

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