McConkey Film Review | Hollywood Reporter

McConkey Film Review | Hollywood Reporter


McConkey Film Review | Hollywood Reporter

By has released one of the first film reviews of the highly anticipated McConkey. Here is a snippet of it.

The Bottom Line

A combination of terrific action footage and an endearing protagonist make this film worthy of the big screen.

This moving extreme-sports doc celebrates the life and outrageous stunts of the late Shane McConkey.

NEW YORK — A thrill-stuffed sports doc whose daredevil subject will quickly endear himself even to viewers who’ve never heard his name, McConkey eulogizes an extreme-sport pioneer who died in 2009 before reaching the age of 40. Though it will play very well on cable and video (the skier was the star of innumerable videos circulated among fans), the film’s heights-centric performance footage, much of it shot on spectacular snowy peaks, rewards theatrical viewing and bodes well for specialized theatrical bookings.

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