How To Turn Skis Into Rock Skis

How To Turn Skis Into Rock Skis


How To Turn Skis Into Rock Skis


Local riders Bo Ferro, Matt Tsakrios, and TanSnowMan get into some dirty skiing on terrain that is rarely skied at Pebble Creek Ski Area during the last week of the season at the South East Idaho ski hill.

TanSnowMan sums up the day’s action in a ski-skewered Hunter S. Thompson quote:

“Skiing should not be a journey to the bottom with the intention of arriving with skis unscathed and and edges in perfect condition, but rather to clatter in broadside in a swoosh of slush, thoroughly amped up, totally stoked out and loudly proclaiming Wow! What a slide!”

In other words, No Sissy Footin’ Around…

Disclaimer: The terrain in this video is in atypical of Pebble Creek Ski Area and is rarely skied, particularly in these conditions. This footage in no way should represent skiing at Pebble Creek Ski area. However, it does demonstrate how badass skiing at Pebble Creek can be.

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