Rory & Sarah - Part 1 of 3 [TheSkiChannel]

Rory & Sarah - Part 1 of 3 [TheSkiChannel]


Rory & Sarah - Part 1 of 3 [TheSkiChannel]


The Ski Channel Presents the the debut of Winter Sessions
Episode 1: Rory & Sarah – Part 1 of 3

“Winter Sessions” is the new online series highlighting the athletes of “Sound of Winter”. We begin with our first episode featuring Sarah Burke and Rory Bushfield.

Last month marked the one year anniversary of the sudden passing of beloved freeskier Sarah Burke. While many of us are still in mourning over the loss of one of sport’s most prominent members, Sarah’s memory continues to live on in our hearts and minds.

During her short time on Earth, Sarah touched countless lives with her shining personality. Yet, nobody knew Sarah better than her husband and fellow freeskier Rory Bushfield.

The freeskiing power couple were prominently featured in The Ski Channel’s 2011 feature film “The Sound of Winter”, released just prior to Sarah’s accident in January 2012. Although filmgoers were only treated to a mere glimpse of the epic reality these two shared, Rory and Sarah’s segment practically stole the entire film. The love that is shared between these two individuals is both heart warming and incredibly inspirational.

In part one of their story, we’ll get to know daredevil extraordinaire Rory Bushfield. Join us as we discover what fuels his passion for skiing, and learn how he manages to make the extreme part of his routine.

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