French Court Set To Ban British Ski Hosts

French Court Set To Ban British Ski Hosts


French Court Set To Ban British Ski Hosts


Over the past few seasons British tour operators have been offering a ski hosting service to their clients traveling to France. Last season thousands of British skiers signed up and had their tour operator provide a host to show them around the ski slopes.

In addition to showing their clients the best spots on the mountain the hosts also advise their clients on restaurants, shops, nightlife and events. It is known as ‘Social Skiing’. However, the ski hosts are not allowed to take people on black runs, venture off piste or provide instruction. Sounds harmless but the practice of ‘Social Skiing’ could soon be outlawed in France.

Tomorrow, a French court will rule on whether British ‘Social Skiing’ will be allowed at French ski areas. The French argue the hosts are not correctly qualified and the practice is unsafe. Most people connected to the case believe the French court will rule in favor of banning ‘Social Skiing’.

We will update you with the ruling later in the week.

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