Mental Ice Castles Built Entirely of Icicles

Mental Ice Castles Built Entirely of Icicles


Mental Ice Castles Built Entirely of Icicles


These mental Ice Castles, built entirely of icicles, have been built by designer Brent Christensen and his team of workers. Here is the story of how they are made. 

The Story


The Ice Castles are miraculously made entirely out of ice with no supporting substructure. Their beauty lies in their organic, ever-evolving nature. These changing ice formations are dynamic, larger than life, and something entirely new and unique.

Brent Christensen is the inventing artist who created the method of building our Ice Castles.  This came about one winter as he was searching for new outdoor winter activities for his children.  Together they experimented by building ice skating rinks, ice caves, and other frozen creations.   One year he wanted to build an ice fort by using only ice. He started experimenting by using icicles as the base structure and through this process created a large ice formation in his front yard. His children called it “an ice castle,” and the name stuck.  He built into it a cave, tunnels, and a huge slide with a bank turn on to an ice skating rink.

Word got out that about the ice and the artist and car after car began driving by the Christensen’s home to see this new and very unique ice structure take over the Christensen’s front yard! The following winter, a local resort asked Brent if he would build a larger ice castle on the front lawn of the resort. Brent built this castle in 2009-10 and over 10,000 people come to see the “Ice Castle” at the Zermatt Resort. The following winter (2010-11) he built another castle in the Town Square in Midway, Utah (near Park City, UT) and even more visitors came to see the magical creation. In search of colder weather Brent built the Ice Castles at Silverthorne during the winter of 2011-2012.  It was an instant hit and visitors flocked to see the new Colorado creation.  A couple of our favorite articles from that season can be seen on and in the Denver Post.

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