Five Children Injured After Skilift Derails

Five Children Injured After Skilift Derails


Five Children Injured After Skilift Derails


Jennifer Johnston took this picture soon after the incident at the Lecht ski centre

Photo by, Jennifer Johnston

Five children and an adult were taken to a hospital in Scotland after a chairlift derailed at the Lecht Ski Centre in Aberdeenshire. All persons taken to the hospital were treated for “non life-threatening” injuries. Another 36 skiers and snowboarders were rescued from the crippled chairlift after more than an hour.

It is believed that the accident was caused when a cable slipped off a tower. The six people who were taken to the hospital suffered injuries after they fell about 20ft (6m) to the ground.

A spokeswoman for the Lecht said: “All the casualties are in a stable condition, three were taken to hospital by helicopter and three by ambulance. Staff evacuated 36 people that were stuck on the other chairlifts and everyone was off the slope within an hour and 40 minutes. We don’t know the reason for the accident, however the Health and Safety Executive and the Lecht will be investigating the cause.”


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