Eric Pollard and Sketchy Russian Hospitals

Eric Pollard and Sketchy Russian Hospitals


Eric Pollard and Sketchy Russian Hospitals


Today brought us an update on Eric Pollard who suffered a broken leg in Sochi, Russia. You not not going to believe what went down at the sketchy Russian Hospital he was taken to at the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Heres the story of what went down….

Eric Pollard Injury Update

If you’re planning on attending or competing in the Sochi Olympics 12 months from now, below is a scary reality of their infrastructure today, or lack their of.

On the first day of his trip to Sochi with the Nimbus crew Eric rodeo’d an average sized natural air and landed clean into a white room, then immediately scruffed speed knowing there was a cat track ahead. Unfortunately it came up sooner than expected & he dropped 10+’ to flat on the cat track with a broken lower leg (tibia).

There was no ski patrol, no sled to the bottom, no ambulance, and the hospital was at best a run down motel with the most knowledgeable medical staff – his friends armed with google. The Russian “doctors” immediately put his leg into a cast. Luckily Eric called his doctor at home who confirmed this was the most dangerous thing that could have been done. If the leg swelled with no where to expand he could have lost blood flow leading and long term muscle damage or even need for amputation. He immediately cut his cast off having friends frantically run laps outside for bags of snow to keep the swelling down (no ice in the hospital).

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