California Ski Resort Gets an F for Safety

California Ski Resort Gets an F for Safety


California Ski Resort Gets an F for Safety


 According to the California Ski Industry Association there are 7.4 million annual visits to California ski areas. Now all 7.4 million visitors can access the first ever “Family Report Card” that evaluates the safety of  each of California’s ski areas. 

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IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The content of this Report Card is educational and informational in nature and is not intended as minimum standards, recommendations or other legal or professional advice. This Report Card does not approve, disapprove, certify, recommend or endorse mountain resort facilities.

The Report Card is based on the best available public information, including resort responses to requests for information, resort websites and the SnowSport Safety Foundation’s (Foundation) California Mountain Resort Safety Report (Report) ( designed and supervised by a snow sport safety expert. That Report was based on observations of a limited set of safety practices made on a single random day in 2010. It may not reflect current individual or collective resort safety practices. The Report Card grading of the elements of Categories I, II, & III was directly derived from the 1-10 scoring of the same elements in the Report. When consulted, the Report’s expert author indicated the boundary safeguard observations were not complete enough to score or grade. He deemed the documented observations reported on the elements of Terrain Parks Design and Engineering, Category IV, reasonably accurate and complete.

The Report Card grading of that Category represents the equally weighted estimated scores derived from the observable practices. In 2011, copies of the Report were sent to all the resorts, and the Report has been continuously available on the Foundation’s website. To date, the Foundation has not received any comments or requests for corrections from any resort. The grades reported in Category V were based on resort responses, or lack thereof, to the Family Safety Survey ( Survey.pdf), sent by the Foundation to the resorts in July 2012. The Survey requested updated information on all of the safety elements and practices included in the Report, as well as some additional information on safety policies and procedures. As of the date of publication of this Report Card, the Foundation has not received any completed surveys, comments or updated information from the resorts.

The California Ski and Snowboard Safety Organization disclaims any and all warranties and/or responsibility for the information contained in this Report Card or its use in evaluating, managing, operating, constructing or using mountain resort facilities. Users of this Report Card should confer with a snow sport safety expert of their choosing or seek information/clarification directly from the resorts regarding any issues or concerns raised by the information in this Report Card. California Ski Industry Association

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