More Deep Powder for Utah!

More Deep Powder for Utah!


More Deep Powder for Utah!


Matt Baydala shows us how deep it was at Snowbasin Utah yesterday afternoon!

DEEP POW fell again over many Utah resorts with Snowbasin leading the pack with 16 fresh in 24 hours and 3 feet in the past 3 days. Snowbird had 50-60 MPH ridge gusts transporting the 27 inches they received in the past few days back on the hill, smooth, deep and delicious.   In Steamboat Colorado ”Kent” reported heavy snow this afternoon (8-10 fresh from last night to late this afternoon) and dumping.  We see Steamboat (9-15 additional) in the bullseye againtonightfollowed by areas in Central Colorado along I-70  (7-10 additional with higher amounts near Vail Pass) Jackson Hole has picked up 10 inches since 5PM yesterday (strong winds affecting the tram throughout the day) as well as Sublette (not sure if opened).   The Tetons should see an additional 5-9 tonight slowly diminishing on Thursday (Heavier amounts near the MT border).


Another disturbance rolls through central Idaho, western Montana and the Tetons on Thursday and Friday (light to moderate amounts) before high pressure takes hold of the West. The only exception will be in BC where more snow is possible by Sunday.  The Rockies should see the next decent storm by next Friday/Saturday (8 DAYS AWAY)

Please keep our dreams alive and help cover our web costs especially if you have chased and tasted the freshies.

Powderchaser Steve

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