Rega, The World’s Most Badass Air Rescue Service

Rega, The World’s Most Badass Air Rescue Service


Rega, The World’s Most Badass Air Rescue Service


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Acknowledged as one of the most experienced air-rescue organizations in the world, The Swiss Air Rescue Service or “Rega” is available all year round to airlift members of the public in distress needing medical attention.

Avalanche Heli Search 

Rega specializes in rescuing people buried in avalanches

The Rega Fleet

Augusta Westland Da Vinci

Eurocopter EC 145

Challenger CL-604 – Rega’s three ambulance jets are to repatriate ill or injured Swiss from abroad.

  • Rega helicopters can reach the scene of an accident anywhere in the country in 15 minutes. Calls are directed to the Rega Operations Centre at the Zurich-Kloten Airport, which alerts the nearest of 10 helicopter bases. Helicopter are in the air within five minutes.

In 2011, 10,240 missions were performed by – flying 9,278 injured or ill people to hospital.


Winter is the busiest time for Rega: “When you have good conditions in the mountains with nice weather, lots of snow and holiday time, we can have up to 140 interventions in one weekend.” – Thomas Kenner, Rega.

  • In Switzerland anyone can ask Rega for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling its emergency number 1414 (within Switzerland) or via emergency radio (emergency channel 161.300 MHz).
  • Rega is a privately run, non-profit foundation. Rega is supported and funded by nearly 2.4 million patrons who benefit from its services free of charge, provided that these costs are not covered by a health or accident insurance.
  • You can become a Rega patron by paying the following minimum donation:
    • CHF 30.– for individuals
    • CHF 60.– for couples (married /cohabiting couples or registered partners)
    • CHF 70.– for families (parents with children who are under 18 on the day of payment)
    • CHF 40.– for small families (single parents with children who are under 18 on the day of payment). Patronage is valid for the current calendar year and starts with your payment. If patronage is not renewed it will expire on 15 May of the following year.
  • Unofficial Tip: If you plan on skiing in Switzerland we highly recommend becoming a Rega patron – it might be the best CHF 30 ($32) you ever spent. You can join here.

All media and info thanks to Rega

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