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Keketuohai - China's Unclimbed Yosemite Valley

Keketuohai - China's Unclimbed Yosemite Valley


Keketuohai - China's Unclimbed Yosemite Valley


Video produced by Aurora Novus and Patagonia

Photo by, Dennis Gray –

Keketuohai Reconnaissance

By Dennis Gray, Alpine Club

Keketuohai or Koktokay lies in the southern Altai Range of China’s Xinjiang Province, close to the border with Mongolia and 600km north-northeast of Urumqi. For three years I have attempted to travel to the area on the recommendation of non-climbing friends in China. In autumn I was finally successful and discovered a wealth of granite towers and walls that have yet to be visited by rockclimbers. I was told that there are 108 granite peaks here, and I estimate rock faces to reach a height of ca 300m, though I only saw part of the area. These walls are situated along the gorge of the Iyrtish River, and some reach the valley floor. Of all the valleys I have seen during world travels, Keketuohai compares closest to Yosemite, and locals assured me that no one has ever climbed there. Spring and autumn would be the best seasons: summer is just too hot, and in winter the temperatures regularly fall to -40°C and lower; it is one of the coldest places in China. While there is certainly no El Cap or Half Dome, the volume of rock is possibly greater than Yosemite, and there are also many good boulders in the valley bottom.

Granite slabs fall almost to the Irytish River. Areas of unusually bubbly rock on the lower section of the face are attributed to a major earthquake in the early 20th Century. Dennis Gray

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