The Unofficial Best Après Foods for after skiing. 9 Best Après Foods | Unofficial Networks

9 Best Après Foods

9 Best Après Foods


9 Best Après Foods


The Unofficial Best Après Foods

  1. Nachos: Gooey, messy, shared with friends, and no utensils required – what ski day is complete without nachos?
  2. Fondue: A food synonymous with the Alps made with cheese, hot oil & meat, or chocolate… yum.
  3. Chili: The perfect way to warm up and get back all that energy.
  4. Hearty Stew (goulash) or Soup in a Bread Bowl: Is there anything more genius than edible dishes?
  5. Pizza: Cheap, easy, and one can always use an excuse to eat it.
  6. Burger: Because what list would be complete without one?
  7. Beef Stroganoff: Hailing from Russia, expect to see it in the next Winter Olympics.
  8. Pasta: It’s filling, cheesy, delicious, and if you’re skiing anywhere near Italy perhaps the best meal ever.
  9. Beer: Liquid food.

What would you add as the tenth Best Après Food?

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