High Pressure Takes A Firm Grip On Any Significant Snowfall This Week

High Pressure Takes A Firm Grip On Any Significant Snowfall This Week


High Pressure Takes A Firm Grip On Any Significant Snowfall This Week



The dreaded “high pressure” takes a grip on the West for the next 12 days. The exception is some light to moderate snow just now moving into Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington (4-6 inches) where a freshening will occur throughout most of the day. Last week had powderchasers scrambling for snow in the Northwest where Stevens Pass had decent amounts however a rapid rise in snow levels kept conditions deep only to freeze into firm “Mank” the day we arrived. Mount Bakerhad lower snow levels and salvaged some deep powder last Wednesday. The Rockies were blessed in the Northern Wasatch (24-28 inches at Powder Mountain and Snowbasin and over a foot at most resorts near Park City, Canyons, and Snowbird (Wasatch backcountry was epic last weekend).  Colorado was nearly “skunked” with the exception of the southern mountains and a half foot reported at Beaver Creek on Saturday. The best snow in Colorado still exists in the San Juan’s and areas North of I-70 near Steamboat. Vail and resorts along I-70 towards Aspen have decent conditions however good luck finding the deep.

Whats Ahead? 

The models continue to push moisture into far northern Canada keeping the West dry for the next 12 days (Don’t panic yet and keep reading).  The East Coast might see some light to moderate snow by next weekend!  As you know we always look for good powder news so please turn your powder thoughts towards the last week of January.  The models are trending a much wetter pattern beginning on January 24th.  The moisture charts show a high trend towards the Pacific northwest, Southern BC (Coastal and interior) for the last week of January. The Sierra is also in the action at some point as well. The Rockies will be a wild-card however I have confidence for some snow depending on how far these systems dig south. Models beyond 5-7 days are only marginally reliable however my confidence for a return to wet weather in many areas of the West is high.

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