Turbulent Flow (2012) - FULL MOVIE

Turbulent Flow (2012) - FULL MOVIE


Turbulent Flow (2012) - FULL MOVIE


Turbulent Flow (2012) – FULL MOVIE

Winter can be relentless. Conditions can change on a dime and spoil our favorite season of the year just quickly as we can get from the top of the lift to the bottom. This is a feeling far too familiar to us in Norway. Every year is a fight to make the best of the cards we’re dealt, a battle against the will of the heavens to reap the benefits of our beloved season. It’s a war that has lasted as long as the sport itself, but it’s a war we will never lose!

As a celebration of the resilience of our sport, Chaoz Productions is proud to present their fifth movie, “Turbulent Flow”! Come explore the Norwegian winter through the eyes of the greatest talent around as they push every aspect of modern freeskiing to its limits! From the city streets and a world-class pipe to colossal peaks and mammoth kickers, the battle rages on all fronts as Eivind Aurstad leads a cast of new and familiar faces head-on into one of the most troublesome winters ever.

The Norwegian winter will always be turbulent, but we shall fight on the streets, we shall fight in the mountains, and we shall never surrender!

Produced & directed by: Eivind Aurstad.

Featuring: Gaute Silseth, Lars Haakon Hafsal, Dennis Risvoll, Kim Boberg, Thomas Dølplads, Walter Wood, Frederick Iliano, PC Fosse, Espen Bergh, Øystein Bråten and more.

Shot on location at: Åre, Oslo, Hamar, Kåfjord, Lyngen, Stordal, Lillehammer, Alaska, Røldal and Folgefonna.


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