Unofficial 2013 Guide to Private Jets

Unofficial 2013 Guide to Private Jets


Unofficial 2013 Guide to Private Jets


2013 Private Jet Guide

We recently checked the FAA stats for Jackson Airport, Vail’s Eagle County Airport and the Aspen/Pitkin Airport.  Since 2009 business jet activity has really been picking up.  Never one to miss out on new gear, ski trends, or general douchyness, we decided it was high time that we ditched our middle seats on JetBlue and started flying in style.

Large Jets

Gulfstream Jets – G450, G550 and G650

While General Dynamics is busy engineering how to kill the Russians more efficiently (I mean defend our country) their Gulfstream subsidiary makes sick airplanes.  These airplanes are well known, as they have been made famous by various rappers who have never flown on one.  They seat 15, which is plenty of room for all your friends.  The G650 has a range of up to 8,000 nautical miles, perfect for that ski/tax evasion trip to the Swiss Alps.  The planes rent for approximately $12,000-$15,000 per hour, Crystal not included.

Embraer Legacy

A “poor mans” GV the Embraer Legacy is a converted Embraer E145 50 seat regional jet.  While flying on the E145 sucks, I have to imagine the Legacy is a bit different.  With extra-large cargo space accessible from the cabin you never have to worry that your skis are out of reach.  At approximately $10,000 an hour it’s a bargain.

Mid-Sized Jets

Citation X

The Cessna Citation X is one of the fastest jets around (Max speed Mach 0.92).  Since I like to be the fastest down the mountain, I feel I should also be the fastest to get there.  The plane seats eight passengers and rents for approximately $8,000 an hour.  A tip for those in the know, never claim to have arrived on a Cessna.  You arrived on “Citation”, heaven forbid someone confuses the airplanes and thinks you arrived on Cessna Skyhawk 172 (Imagine the embarrassment!).

 Cessna Skyhawk, Really? Might as well walk.

Hawker 800XP

Formerly produced by a company called Hawker Beechcraft, the company wisely decided that people probably thought they sold boats and dropped the Beechcraft designation.  The plane will get you anywhere in the U.S. and for $6,200 an hour it’s a bit “cheaper” when compared to the Citation.  Unfortuntaely, I didn’t see the speed posted in mach so I don’t think this one’s for me.


Small Jets

Hawker 400XP

A little brother to the 800XP the 400XP is a scalled down version with a shorter range.  Only able to fly 1,693 nautical miles, this is really only a ski option for you left costers.  At $4,400 an hour it’s at least “cheap”.

King Air 200

The most popular buisness jet ever built.  The King Air packs a good bit of punch.  As a turbo prop it’s a bit slower when compared to the jets listed above.  But with an 1,800 natucial mile range, great fuel economy and seating for seven it gets the job done.  And at approximately $1,500 per hour it’s also less expensive.  Just don’t let anyone at the “Club” know you flew a turbo prop, it’s a dead giveaway your hedge fund is underperforming.


NOTE: The author is a private jet enthusiast.  His aviation experience consists of once driving by an airport.  After writing this article, he woke up and realized that he drives his Honda Civic Hybrid to Magic Mountain which is about as far from a private jet owner as one can get.

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