The all new Marmot Armageddon Undercuff glove, if you love a warm and functional glove, you gotta have it! Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove | Unofficial Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove | Unofficial Gear Review

Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove | Unofficial Gear Review


Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove | Unofficial Gear Review


Marmot Armageddon Glove, Eric Bryant

The Armageddon is dexterous, light, and down right sexy!

The new Armageddon undercuff glove is a streamlined, ultra sleet, ultra waterproof, incredibly dexterous and down right amazing new glove offering from Marmot. I was fortunate enough to sample a pair last year and was blown away. This glove is going to be my spring, winter storm, rainy slop, and everything in between glove.


  • Weight: Large 6.7 oz 189.9 g
  • Main Material: Washable Leather 0.7
  • Lining Material: DriClime® 3-Dimentional Wicking Lining
  • Insulation Material: Polartec® Thermal Pro®
  • Glove insert Material: MemBrain® Glove Insert
  • Outside stitched seams for maximum functionality
  • Colors: Black, Tan, White

The most impressive feature of the Armageddon Undercuff is how incredibly warm it is for such a light weight glove. At first glance it seems as though the glove is too thin to offer up any real warmth. But I can attest, after some very cold days in the Tetons, these gloves will keep your fingers toasty.

In addition to superior warmth, the glove is also ultra waterproof. Marmot’s MemBrain glove insert protects your insulation from the harsh outdoor environment and keeps your hands happily dry.

The Armageddon Undercuff glove also features outside stitched seams. This means that rather than a traditionally stitched glove, whose seams are hidden on the inside, the seams are sewn from the outside of the glove. This is an innovative new way to approach glove design, and it makes the glove more dexterous and user friendly.

Eric Bryant Slashing a pow turn int he Armageddon Glove

Armageddon getting it done at the Baldy Knoll Yurt, WY. Photo: Gabe Rogel

Don’t forget the padding! Marmot includes padding in the key points on this glove. The knuckles, heel of your hand, and wrist will be protected from gates, rocks, or whatever Mother Nature throws your way.Armageddon Undercuff Glove Brown

Overall the Armageddon Undercuff ski glove is a fantastic piece of technical outerwear you shouldn’t leave home without. Combining warmth, dexterity, waterproofing, and style into one complete package, the Armageddon Undercuff glove will continue to be my glove of choice for seasons to come!

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