'BAKER' A Short Film by Dubsatch Collective

'BAKER' A Short Film by Dubsatch Collective


'BAKER' A Short Film by Dubsatch Collective


A short film by Dubsatch Collective filmed at Mt Baker, WA. Deep powder, pillows and rather large drops. Enjoy! 



Returning from our bottomless binge that was Alaska, Sam Cohen and I (Nate Cahoon) decided remaining at the snow deprived slopes of Utahs confused resorts was not an option for our still buzzing powder hangover. As the wise know, the best cure comes from the source in which it was obtained. Thus pointing us back north, just not quite as far as last time. Mt. Baker, WA was going off and our solution was to part ways with home in exchange for the open road. One more crew member and the ship would be ready to sail. Who better than our Alaskan host, Zach Halverson…



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