New High-Tech Ski Simulator Allows For Endless Ski Slopes

New High-Tech Ski Simulator Allows For Endless Ski Slopes


New High-Tech Ski Simulator Allows For Endless Ski Slopes


SkyTechVR is a new High-Tch Ski Simulator the likes of which have never been seen. Here is some more information about the system. 


SkyTechVR completely magically catches your movements using special sensors for tracking skier / snowboarder position and then transfers all these movements onto the virtual ski slope.

Giant Slalom World Cup Slope

The newest software based on the most advanced 3D-engine allows such fantastic options like the endless virtual ski slopes. On this slope the slalom gates can be placed and their position can be freely changed by a user in real time – right while skiing! It is also possible to adjust snow conditions (normal, icy snow or heavy snow), switch on / off bumps and irregularities on the slope and even try an extreme interactive skiing mode.

Simulators software also includes the Slalom and Giant Slalom races for competitions.

Skier on the Giant Slalom Course on Ski an Snowboard Simulator

Super-wide 20-27 feet panorama screen and 3D-glasses.

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SkyTec Interactive designs and produces unique winter sports training equipment and virtual reality systems. Cutting edge alpine ski simulators and snowboard simulators by SkyTec Interactive allow skiers and snowboarders to experience the same G-force effects that they would in well-carved turns on a real slope.

Ski and Snowboard Simulators are increasingly popular in most European countries as well as in Canada, South Africa and Arab Emirates. More then 100 training facilities include multiple locations in Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Greece.

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