Valle Nevado, entretención invierno

Valle Nevado, entretención invierno


Valle Nevado, entretención invierno


Valle Nevado, entretención invierno y verano

An official look at one of South America’s Largest Ski resorts located outside of Santiago, Chile.

Valle Nevado is one of South America’s most modern ski resorts. It was founded in 1988 by French businessmen, who used European ski resorts in the Alps as models to follow.

With more than 800 hectares of skiable area and South America’s only high-speed detachable quad, Valle Nevado is considered one of the most modern ski resorts in South America. Consistent upgrades and investments have extended runs and resulted in a large and varied terrain park with a number of features. Heliskiing is also offered. In 2005, the resort hosted the World Snowboarding Championships. The resort was also featured in the Xbox 360 videogame Amped 3.

The ski season in Valle Nevado starts in June and ends in October, conditions permitting. (


  • Base: 3.028 m
  • Highest Elevation: 3.670 m
  • Lowest Elevation: 2.860 m


  • Skiable area: approx. 800 hectares
  • Trails: 102
  • Terrain Parks: 1
  • 14% Green (Beginner)
  • 30% Blue (Intermediate)
  • 42% Red (Advanced)
  • 14% Black (Expert)


  • 8 total
    • 1 Hi-Speed Detachable Quad
    • 1 Fixed Grip Quad
    • 1 Fixed Grip Triple
    • 1 Double Chair
    • 4 Surface Lifts

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