80 Polar Bears Invade Alaskan Village

80 Polar Bears Invade Alaskan Village


80 Polar Bears Invade Alaskan Village


alaskadispatch.com is reporting that 80 Polar Bears invaded a town in Northern Alaska.  Record low sea ice and a freshly killed bowhead whale carcass are the suspected triggers that prompted 80 Polar Bears to descend on the Alaskan village  of  Kaktovik.  The Polar Bears were seen gorging on scraps of the whale carcass, helping themselves to whatever remains were left by the villagers. It is believed that the Polar Bears are looking for new food sources due to the record low sea ice. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has reported that the melting season appears to have ended but before doing so the arctic sea ice coverage was as low as 1.32 million square miles. The previous low was recorded in September 2007 at 1.61 million square miles.

Read more about the record low sea ice here – Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Could Mean More Extreme Winters For the U.S. & Europe

Kaktovik, North Slope, Alaska

And we all know Polar Bears are nothing to F with. 

Russia – Polar bear attacks woman

Shocking images of a woman in a north Russian town being brutally attacked by a polar bear. The bear retreats after a bystander throws a can at it, and the woman walks away from the attack relatively unscathed.

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