TED Talk with Paraplegic Skier Jeremy McGhee (Climbing Bloody Couloir)

TED Talk with Paraplegic Skier Jeremy McGhee (Climbing Bloody Couloir)


TED Talk with Paraplegic Skier Jeremy McGhee (Climbing Bloody Couloir)


“Climbing Bloody Couloir: Jeremy McGhee at TEDxAmericasFinestCity.”

Jeremy P. McGhee provides a small glimpse into the hardship he encounters in an attempt to accomplish one of his most ambitious goals: Climbing Bloody Couloir, a dangerous ski descent in the Eastern Sierras. (Near Mammoth Mountain, CA)

This TEDx talk was shot at the La Jolla Playhouse on July 2012 in front of over 600 people from our great community. The video starts with Jeremy sharing a clip of his documentary film “Drop in” and then goes into the talk. He explains how he had to reach deep and find a place beyond physical ability when his body failed. What he went through on that mountain is unimaginable, motivating even the faint of heart to look deep and question everything.

About The Speaker:

Jeremy P. McGhee makes an excuse…to DO everything he has always wanted to. That excuse: Life is short and it could easily end tomorrow. “We spend so much time making our lives as comfortable as possible. Well, what if life’s not supposed to be comfortable?” His life is a powerful reminder that it’s time to let go of everything holding you back and live life now! For more on Jeremy go to http://www.facebook.com/jeremypmcghee

From the video:
“The knot in the rope reached the pulley at the top and we were there. I collapsed in exhaustion. Lead climber, Charlie Barrett, who rarely shows emotion, jumped on top of me, his tears raining, his voice quivering, “Jeremy.. We made it. We’re here.”

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