Bungee Surfing - YAY OR NAY

Bungee Surfing - YAY OR NAY


Bungee Surfing - YAY OR NAY


What is Bungee Surfing?

Bungee Surfers ride small surfboards that look a lot like skimboards on rivers, going UPSTREAM at speeds of 30+ mph. No boat. No motor. Bungee surfers are propelled upstream by a patented bungee system. Bungee surfers use the board against the river current to push the rider and the board downstream, which stretches the bungee. When the bungee is fully stretched, you stand up on the board (beginners ride upstream on their stomachs)and shoot upstream. When the bungee is done pulling the board, it releases from the board. Now the rider is free to do Ollies, Shuv-it’s, Big Spins, and more. When the ride is done, the rider paddles the board back to the bungee, hooks the board to the bungee release, stretches it and rides again. Surf all day!! No waiting for waves.

One end of the bungee system is anchored to any stationary object along the side of the river and you simply use the river current against the bottom of the board to stretch the Bungee System. Each Bungee will stretch 200 feet!
When the bungee is done pulling and there is no longer tension in the bungee, the board releases from the Bungee System allowing the rider to carve turns and do all kinds of board tricks: big spins, massive ollies, shuv-it’s, and kick flips, just to name a few. Experienced riders can launch off river features and surf the endless waves created by the river. And best of all, everyone lives near a river! Use yours!!

Bungee Surfing is a lot like wakeskating but you don’t need a $40,000 boat or $3 a gallon gas to ride. All you need is a river and a Bungee Surfing system. Rivers are everywhere!

Bungee Surfing – YAY OR NAY

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