"POWDER SKI 2013" Magazine published from Japan | Japanese SKI 1 |パウダースキー発売

"POWDER SKI 2013" Magazine published from Japan | Japanese SKI 1 |パウダースキー発売


"POWDER SKI 2013" Magazine published from Japan | Japanese SKI 1 |パウダースキー発売


the movie 「be with me to skiing」「私をスキーに連れてって」

the movie 「be with me to skiing」1987.

Do you know about JAPANESE ski culture?

they have over 100 years history.

It was very popular in bubble economy era.[1990’s]

In the bubble era, the student and youth all the members almost enjoyed skiing. Some ski lifts running from 4:oo a.m. till 23:00 p.m.There was the skiing area more than 700 places in most time.They made indoor ski resort, too.I would have you already understand it. The ski was very popular in Japan.

How about now?? The skier’s absolute number decreased, but the ratios to do backcountry skiing increased. Ski resort and backcountry skiing of Japan attract attention now.Some famous photographer and movie company came there this last couple of year.The popularity of the powder skiing rises from about 10 years ago in Japan.The magazine of 「Fall Line」(for skiers and snowboarders) and 「POWDER SKI」(for skiers) issued about 10 years ago.It’s about powder, mountain and backcountry riding magazine.Before that there was POWDER MAGAZINE too. The thing which performed Japanese translation of a North American magazine was the center of the article.

泡時代、学生と青年のうち、ほとんどすべてのメンバーはスキーを楽しみました。 4時から走っているスキーリフトは23時までスキー場は多いとき700カ所を超えていましたスキーは、日本で非常に人気がありました
今はどう?? スキーヤーの絶対数は減少しました、しかし、バックカントリースキーをする比率は増加しました。 有名なカメラマン達と映画会社がこの数年、日本に訪れています。過去10年ほどで日本でもパウダースキーの人気が高まってきました。 「フォールライン」(スキーヤーとスノーボーダーにとって)と「POWDER SKI」(スキーヤーにとって)は約10年前に出版されました。これらはパウダーや山、バックカントリーライディングについて。

JPN ski magazines

JPN ski magazines

latest Ski Magazine is…

「Fall Line 2013」14 Sep on sale. 9/14発売。双葉社より。

「POWDER SKI 2013」18 Sep pn sale.  9/18発売。実業之日本社より。

Both magazine company making about 6 mag per a season.This time, both magazine focused on powder, mountain and sidecountry in Japan and all of the world.Special version mag.

“ski and Japan” To be continued…


big turn to tree in Niseko of Hokkaido

Tadahiro Yamaki ski with big turn to tree in Niseko of Hokkaido.


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