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Fall Sucks Bring on Winter. Right?

Fall Sucks Bring on Winter. Right?


Fall Sucks Bring on Winter. Right?


“Good-bye Summer!”

Now that Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, is summer over? And by extension has ski season begun? Is it that time of year to start thinking about new gear and dreaming of big pillows and face shots? Clothing stores already have their Fall lines in, but are you really interested in Fall? Winter is for the mountains, Spring corn is killer, summer has girls in bikinis – is Fall just build-up for Winter and therefore the start of ski season?


Or are you the type of nostalgic guy that enjoys this neither here – nor there season and believes winter begins with the first snowfall, or even the first day of snowmaking (ahem Northeasters). Or perhaps you’re the type of traditionalist that believes in waiting for walk signs, picking up after your dog, and that winter doesn’t begin until December 21st…



Thoughts, opinions?


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