Unofficial Location Package

Unofficial Location Package


Unofficial Location Package


Unofficial Networks is a contemporary ski and snowboard industry website with a focus on ski resort news, photo, videos and condition reports. Over the past year Unofficial Networks has received over 5 million visits and 12 million pageviews. Recognized by influential media outlets like ESPN as “the source for local information,” Unofficial Networks publishes engaging ski and snowboard content that focuses on the resort experience.

Unofficial Networks has gained traction within the digital world because it captures the soul of skiing – the spirit of adventure, fun, excitement, awe, and freedom. It is a website where people go to escape, be entertained, gather information, learn about ski destinations, and stay abreast of the latest industry news.  As a result, skiers of all levels embrace Unofficial wherever they may be at anytime of the year.

Today resorts use their own websites, Twitter, and Facebook, to connect with those who have actively joined their social media community. Unofficial Networks, however, is the online hub for the entire ski/snowboard community. It is therefore strongly positioned to introduce new skiers/snowboarders to resorts by informing the ski community on resorts’ latest developments on snow conditions, projects and deals. As a result, Unofficial Networks assists resorts to build their image and strengthen their brand awareness.

Unofficial Network’s Viewership:


The above chart showing traffic from August 15, 2o11 – August 14, 2012

The majority of Unofficial Networks viewership is located within the United States, centering on the populations of San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, New York, Boston and Chicago.

Through analytics and surveys (conducted in August 2011 and May 2012) it has been determined that…

80% of our readers ski 20 days or more per season.

85% of our readers have taken a ski vacation in the last year.

91% of our readers have made suggestions to friends about ski destinations. 


Compared to the Internet audience at large, Unofficial Networks readers are:

  • 26 times more likely to be a skier
  • 37 times more likely to have gone on a ski vacation in the last 2 years
  • 18 times more likely to be a mountain biker
  • 9 times more likely have been snowmobiling
  • 3 times more likely to have a household income of 150K or more per year
  • 2 times as likely to have a college education
  • 2 times as likely to workout
  • 2 times more likely to watch the Travel Channel in the last 7 days
  • 21 times more likely to have been whitewater rafting
  • 38 times more likely to have flown on British Airways in the past 30 days


What is Unofficial Networks? is a ski and snowboard focused website who’s core mission is to deliver to its readers the latest snow conditions, news, information, photos and videos from resorts around the world.

Unofficial Networks’ landing page acts as the main hub of the website. From here the website is then subdivided into categories and location pages. Each location page delivers an unparalleled wealth of information on each resort in the form of photos, videos, reports, news and updates –the likes of which can not be found anywhere else on the web. Real-time weather information, webcams and snow reports add to the robustness of each location page.

Local Unofficial Reporters: The success of Unofficial can be attributed to our team of reporters. From the hundreds of requests Unofficial receives each season, the company invites just a handful of local reporters to join the team. New staff members are provided with intensive training that includes a copy of Unofficial’s manual and one-on-one training with an editor to develop the necessary skills to become a successful website contributor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Unofficial holds one of the largest collections of online ski and snowboard content. As a result, it is not surprising that our number one source of traffic comes from Google. Each day Unofficial is adding to our extensive database of content, increasing our SEO, and enabling people to organically land on Unofficial’s website and stories via Google and other search engine queries.

Comments: Unofficial has become an excellent medium for comments.  Over the past year the site has recorded over 40,000 comments.  The comments take on a life of their own, give users a forum to express themselves, generate excitement, and allow users to be a part of the Unofficial experience. In addition, comments allow reporters to verify their articles, and perhaps most importantly, encourage visitors to return, strengthening both the ski and Unofficial communities.

Contests: Unofficial hosts contests both on the website and Facebook. These contests are extremely popular, driving both pageviews and comments, as readers repeatedly click “re-fresh” on their browser windows to see the latest chatter.

Unofficial Videos: Since the launch of Unofficial our videos have been watched over 2.5 million times (August 2012).

Year Round Reporting: During the summer months, while other ski and snowboard publications (print and web) lie dormant, Unofficial is reporting on events and activates taking place in mountain towns from coast to coast. During the hot summer months our ski content is diversified with updates and information on mountain biking, rock climbing, concerts and local events.

In addition to summertime content from North American resorts, reporters are sent below the equator to South America and New Zealand to cover the Southern Hemispheres seasons. By covering the “summer” ski seasons the website is able to maintain strong traffic throughout the summer months.

Facebook: A third of our traffic comes from our Facebook Fan Page & Posts. Currently Unofficial Networks has over 27,000 Facebook Fans, which is continuing to grow on an average of 25-50 new Facebook fans per day. As our Facebook followers grow, so does the amount of new skiers and snowboarders visiting Unofficial Networks.


Diversifying Traffic: Over the past few months Unofficial has begun to diversify its incoming traffic by taping into new sites such as, and By using these sites to spread our content, we receive more first time visitors, many of who become frequent visitors to the site.

Current Unofficial Locations 

The 12 Locations: Each location has at least one on-site, local reporter.

  • Squaw Valley, CA
  • Alpine Meadows, CA
  • Mammoth, CA
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Snowbird, UT
  • Telluride, CO
  • Steamboat, CO
  • Mt. Baker, WA
  • Whistler, Canada
  • Stowe, VT
  • Japan (Hakuba Valley)
  • The Andes (Bariloche & Las Leñas, Argentina)


What Unofficial Networks can do for You!

Unofficial Networks is a powerful tool that allows your resort to speak directly with a community of skiers and snowboarders who are keeping a pulse of what is happening in the ski industry, have high disposable income and are looking for their next ski destination. In addition, the skiers who already call your mountain home will have a new place on the web were they can go to share content, talk about the latest conditions as well as check out what happened on the last powder day.

Unlike traditional forms of advertizing, Unofficial Networks provides a steady stream of real-time information. This encourages skiers and rider engagement through up-to-date information on events, news and conditions.


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