It is now 2012 and people 20 years ago would have thought that mankind would have invented some sort of awesome/inexpensive personal flying device by now. Unfortunately our dreams of charging around the skies above our towns and cities still seems to be a long way off. In fact the good folks at Honda have recently released the UNI-CUB, which one could argue it the exact opposite of flying. The Uni-Cub is a strange new invention along the lines of the Segway. However, it is even easier for the lazy people of the world to use than the Segway since you don’t even have to stand up.

Since the UNI-CUB moves at the speed of a person walking I would say that it offers no advantage over actually walking other than that you can sit down like a lazy bum. Maybe that would have been a better name ,”Lazy-Bum”. What do you think?

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