A Day in the Life @ Inspired Snow Session New Zealand

A Day in the Life @ Inspired Snow Session New Zealand


A Day in the Life @ Inspired Snow Session New Zealand


Inspired NZ pow

Wanting to push your skiing and riding to the next level is normal?  Attaining that next level during summer is not.  If you’re thinking about not being normal this summer, Inspire Snow Sessions has the method.

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How does Inspired’s method work?  

A Day in the Life @ Snow Sessions Camp in New Zealand:

7am Wake-Up and Breakfast Yes, an early start, but essential to make sure we get up on the mountain and maximise our time. Any tiredness is soon shaken off with our awesome breakfast. We have a full spread of cereals, toast, bagels, fruit, yoghurt, eggs, juice and hot drinks to get you fuelled up for the day.

8am Pick-up to get to the mountain As we stay below the snow line in Wanaka, which means we get to do much more in the evenings, it is about a 30 minute drive up to either Snow Park or Treble Cone. But we all pile into the Inspire Snow Sessions’ minibus, put on some tunes and get stoked about the day ahead.


8.30am Gear up We get up to the mountain about 30 minutes before the lifts start running, so on a normal day we have plenty of time to get ready, grab a coffee or muffin or on a pow day we make sure we are first in line!

9am-12am Morning ski Everyone gets in their groups, does a quick warm up with their coaches and then goes off for the morning session. We focus our morning sessions around coaching and developing skills (unless it’s a pow day in which case we just go rip).

 12am-1pm Lunch Everyone gathers back in the mountain café for lunch. At both Snow Park and Treble Cone there is awesome food or if you’ve made a packed lunch you can tuck into it there.

1pm-3.30pm Afternoon Session After refuelling, everyone heads back out with their groups. As we are in NZ the snow will still be fresh – no summer slush – so we can ski all afternoon too. The afternoon sessions are a bit more relaxed (not that the mornings are stressed!) and we try to get as much skiing/riding done. This way everyone gets the chance to apply everything they have learnt in the morning whether that is a new trick or better off-piste skills.

3.30pm-4.30pm We finish skiing around 3.30 so everyone has time to get their stuff and get off the mountain before it closes. Unless it is a night session at Snow Park, in which case we all go and chill in the café whilst the shapers head out and get the night set-up ready. Then we head back out at 5pm and ride until late before heading home for dinner.

4.30pm-9pm Activities and Dinner We are super flexible in the evening with activities, sometimes there will be big activities like climbing or trampolining and sometimes just soccer on the grass outside. Some nights we have little competitions to win some swag. But we leave it up to you to choose what activities you want to do, or if you’re exhausted and want to chill out, we have Wi-Fi, game consoles and a huge TV with DVDs. There are also video-feedback sessions or tuning classes going on. Slotting in around the activities we all sit down together – campers and coaches – for dinner, which is prepared by our awesome private chef. Each night you get a full 3-course dinner and the menu is healthy and varied. Dinner is an awesome time of the day as everyone sits down and talks about their day on the hill.

9pm-10pm Chill-out time After activities there is always a bit of time to chill-out, so everyone gets chance to sort their stuff for the next day or email home. Then at 10pm it’s lights out and we get ready for another great day!

Activity Day Once a week we have a day away from the hill and explore what Wanaka has to offer. New Zealand is an amazing country with so many outdoor activities, so we put aside one day a week to fill doing these.

Inspired offers more time on snow then any other summer camp in the world. Full days and then 1 or 2 night sessions a week depending on conditions and where we are skiing/riding.

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