"9", is a super fun team video from Hoppipolla headwear featuring some pretty awesome shredding from the Helgasons and company. “9”, a mini team movie from Hoppipolla | Unofficial Networks

"9", a mini team movie from Hoppipolla

"9", a mini team movie from Hoppipolla


"9", a mini team movie from Hoppipolla


One great thing about the internet is the amount of free shred videos being passed around these days. I found this movie “9” online a while back and it has some awesome riding from the Helgasons and the rest of the Hoppipolla team.

“9” features 9 riders, each with a 1 minute segment. The running length is, you guessed it, 9 minutes.

Alek Oestreng sets the tone with the opening segment, it’s short and fast with nothing but bangers for until Gulli puts down his last trick. A great flicked to get you fired up while you tie your boots.


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