At one point he threw me his clothes, put on his crevasse harness, avalanche beacon and shouldered his guitar. He was in Alaska after all. I couldn't look in his direction, but the whole thing was hilarious. I'm not sure how he was talked into this one. I skied down and waited for the "3-2-1 dropping" call out. I could hear a guitar ringing and what sounded like Europe's, "The Final Countdown". Yeah, you all know that one. "nanana-na….". Then like a bat outta hell, Dan Hurley shredded the slope while at the same time shredding the guitar. No poles ;) , no clothes, the Chugach BN. The Line of the Week !! – The Chugach BN | Unofficial Networks

The Line of the Week !! - The Chugach BN

The Line of the Week !! - The Chugach BN


The Line of the Week !! - The Chugach BN


Dan Hurley skis naked and plays the guitar in the Chugach. First descent?

The Line of the Week
Point’s North Touring Camp – Chugach Mountains, Alaska

You never know which way your day will turn.

There we were, deep in the Chugach. The sun was shining, the temperature had warmed up. We were just atop a small ridge when we scoped out a beautiful looking chute. It was north facing and was holding a coveted stash of perfect, untracked pow not far from camp. The entrance looked sketchy. It would have required a lengthy rappel and there appeared to be an easier approach from the other side. We took another lap off the ridge and decided to regroup at camp, soak in some sunshine and try the other route.

After a a brief chill session at base camp, Brennan Lagasse, Dan Hurley, Wes Thompson and myself headed up the ridge in an attempt to ski said chute. We skinned up a sunny ridge in what felt like Lake Tahoe temperatures, trying to stay off the sun baked slope to our right. At one point I noticed Dan having a bit of trouble with a kick turn. He slid back a little and I began to wonder how far of a slide he would take if he stumbled. I think we all thought that simultaneously. Over the next few steps the conditions deteriorated and we decided to pull the plug. The chute was close but the skin across the slope was not an option. We headed back to camp.

“Well, leave it to this idiot to go all the way to Alaska on the ski trip of a lifetime and come away with this nudie line as a claim to fame.  I get it.  I’m a tool.  But I will never stop.  It’s too much fun and I got the laughs I was looking for.  The idea started as me playing my guitar while skiing a sweet line, and somehow turned in to me stripping down amongst my dude-friends while we took a mid-day beer break at camp between touring legitimate Alaskan terrain.  It wasn’t until I was at the top of the line until I realized the crux of it was the aroma coming from my undercarriage after nearly 2 full weeks of hiking and recycling the same layers of ski clothes without a shower along the way.  So I have to give credit where credit is due.  Missing from photo:  The stench.  Otherwise, the big question I keep getting from everyone about the whole thing is “dude, why are you wearing a harness and a beacon in this line?!”  I mean, come on guys, this IS Alaska, it’s a dangerous place to ski you know!  Oh yeah, and can anyone guess what song I was playing?  Duhn da da duhn da da duhn da da duhn da da…..” – Dan Hurley

No poles, no clothes, the Chugach BN +10,000.

The Final Countdown

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Dan Hurley, laying down the licks before a BN in the Chagach.

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