Why the "Local" hates you....Weekend Warriors

Why the "Local" hates you....Weekend Warriors


Why the "Local" hates you....Weekend Warriors


Hot on the tail of the overwhelming response to Part 1, Why the “Weekend Warrior” Hates You….Locals, we bring you Part 2: Why the “Local” hates you… Weekend Warriors.  

1. You probably have Health Insurance.

2. When someone asks you “whats a good restaurant in the area,” you actually have a suggestion.

3. When you go home for Thanksgiving your parents don’t give you that look like “Why the F#$K did we spend 100K on college if you were just going to be drinking beers and smoking pot in the woods with your buddies?”

4. You don’t share a bathroom with 5 dudes.

5. When it doesn’t snow you fly to the Caribbean. When it doesn’t snow they eat saltine crackers with ketchup.

6. Your Porsche Cayenne has 15,000 miles on it. His “pos” Subaru has 187,371.

7. Your chicks are hotter.

8. Your new Gore-Tex Jacket is way more waterproof than their duct taped jacket they got in middle school.

9. Your goggle tan does not extend year round.

10. Your apartment smells of rich mahogany and has many leather bound books. Their apartment smells like a hockey locker-room and is out of toilet paper.  

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