Squaw Conditions Report: Thursday Feb 9th 2012

Squaw Conditions Report: Thursday Feb 9th 2012


Squaw Conditions Report: Thursday Feb 9th 2012


Looking up "Racers" to Siberia Ridge form Cold Coast Express

Bust out your SPF 50 and buy some special yellow wax, cause spring skiing is here!!

We all know it hasn’t been great, we all know there hasn’t been one legitimate “pow” day. But now here this! Any day of skiing beats any day of working. All things considering, its not all that bad up here people! Rising temps the past couple days with mild evening temps is slowly transforming our beloved playground into a bit of a spring wonderland. Spots that were scrapped ice where only East Coasters dared to call “decent,” are slowly and excitingly morphing into edge-able (is that a word?), corn like, and late afternoon slushy spring skiing conditions.

The suns out, beers are flowing, surface conditions are ripping (where there is snow) and the vibe is good. 

Shirley Canyon in Spring Like Conditions

Early am is good on the East, South East facing slopes, and with the rising temps the West Face even opened today…

Editors choice:  Siberia, Reverse Traverse to far boundary of Sun Bowl. Take the high traverse out to avoid picking your way through the burned out areas. Horse trails are skiing late winter to early spring perfection. A little bit further out is The Bullet to the Edge of Enchanted Forrest where you’ll find almost wintery post storm skier compacted smoke.

Quit your belly aching and try to remember, It’s Still Winter! Get out and ski!

Sun Bowl, Squaw Valley. Hello Alpine, BIG BROTHER is watching you....



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