This avalanche video will get your heart racing! The sensitivity of the snowpack has been covered, ad nauseam, but how about another reminder? This video is from a few days ago from Shadow Peak. Although the avalanche starts around 2:45, the beginning of the video gives you a good idea of the terrain- fairly low angle and treed. The slide runs about 1000′, and the skier briefly submerges in the slide but pops up again. Before armchair quarter backing the skiers’ actions, please take the time to read the accompanying post from the video:

Jan 20th, 2012. Shadow Peak, Grand Teton National Park. Ty Billy, John Nic, DK. Very dangerous snow down low. Good up high with no noise or movement, however down low whiffing and small cracks. Very bad pockets down low that will slide and run most of the lower track. Ski the trees! I share this with discretion for safety and snowpack conditions. Nothing I am proud of or want to experience again. In fact, I cried myself to sleep last night pondering life and love and happiness. So much still to do in this short life, from fearing the darkness I had to sleep with the lights on. Please do not share or talk about! but amongst our selves. Most people do not understand my perception of big mountain skiing. I knew where I was and had skiied the same line two weeks before after skiing the East Hour Glass via repelling in from the Sliver. Video time [2:182:25] you can see my tracks from EHG descent. All video is real-time. I compare skiing to kayaking class V/V+, + or – self-supporting, and taking a narly swim through a mandatory drop, on a mankhy Wyoming creek or river. It happens, at the end you empty your boat, get back in and have to metally prepare yourself to paddle the rest of the run. Skiing is no different. Ski safe and enjoy the POW!

Without risk there is no adventure.

Thank you for your discretion,
Cheers, DK


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